Bringing Agility To Your Business
AWS, Azure, GCP high quality cloud
To your hands in 5 minutes

If you want to accelerate, PRISMSCALER

High quality and high -speed agile development" will lead to successful IT businesses.
Anyone can easily build the optimal multi-cloud of AWS, Azure, and GCP.
Business growth is also growing even with "a small number of engineers"!
"Reduction of overtime hours" and "shortened delivery effect" to the easy -to -go business environment.
Security also adopts best practices! Automatic log monitoring and problem detection reduces risk.


Cloud construction smoothly with no code and simple operation!

[To high quality and high-speed agile development]
The construction of high quality cloud and CI/CD pipeline realizes high-speed DevOps.
Non engineers can start making immediately, therefore you can scale the cloud construction.

Automatically detects the problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by automatic log monitoring

[Reduction the risk of IT business]
Automatic monitoring of logs is also optimal.
Automatically detects the problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and automatically notify to reduce the risk of IT business.
Security also adopts best practices to make it perfect!


We co-create Your Digital with your company and realize innovations.

With a fulfilling Customer Support, we realize Digital that meets your needs.
We will accelerate the initial movement of the problem and make optimal proposals according to your request.


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    Automatically monitor the log for 24 hours to detect the problem

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    Enriched customer support

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    No installation required

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    Instantly build with minimum
    required information

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    The best fit for your
    company Co-creation of Your Digital

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    Over hundreds of
    different templates cover

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    Cost reduction by cloud optimization!
    To super high-speed development of engineers.

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Q Is there any equipment required for use?

As long as you have a PC and Internet access, you can use the service without the need to install any applications.

Q How much is the usage fee?

Please request more details through our online MTG.

Q Can I use it without a cloud engineer?

It is available if you have the basic engineering knowledge.


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