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【Super Introduction to Infrastructure】What will change with Infrastructure as Code?

1. Introduction

Hello! I'm Nakane, Director / CTO at Definer! (Click here for my profile)
Recently, we have been hearing more and more about Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
What is IaC and what are the benefits of using it?
This article is written for business people who are inexperienced/new to IaC.

2. Existing Cloud Development Facts

The following issues are prevalent in many cloud development sites.
✅ Resources on the cloud are updated, but design documents are not updated and equivalent environments cannot be built.
✅ Procedures for building cloud environments exist, but they are difficult to understand and complicated, so mistakes (≒environmental differences) occur frequently.
✅ Production and test environments have slightly different cloud resources.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solves these problems.

3. Overview of Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the process of coding and managing infrastructure settings.
Instead of the traditional method of manually creating cloud resources on a web screen, infrastructure settings are put into code and resource creation is performed automatically.
For example, consider building three servers.
Building servers involves many complicated steps, such as starting the servers in the cloud, configuring the OS, setting up middleware, and so on.
When creating servers manually, even if you think you have created three servers that are exactly the same, unexpected human error may result in different servers.
With IaC, the exact same resources can be created in batches because they are coded.

4. Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) offers the following benefits.
Reduction of man-hours
This is more powerful the more resources you have to create.
For example, if 100 identical servers need to be built, there is a limit to how many can be created manually by a person.
By using IaC, this can be accomplished with less effort.
Quality Improvement
Since the infrastructure configuration is coded, quality improvement is expected.
For example, when building a test environment and a production environment, IaC eliminates the mistakes that occur in manual construction and ensures that the environments are equivalent.
In addition, since it is coded, visibility is increased, and differences can be taken or copied and pasted.

5. Notes on Infrastructure as Code

On the other hand, disadvantages to be aware of include.
Initial man-hours
The initial man-hours will increase because the code needs to be aligned before creating the cloud resource.
Securing IaC personnel
Since personnel who understand IaC are needed, costs for recruitment and study are incurred.
When considering IaC, it is necessary to make a decision considering cost and human resources.

6. Famous Infrastructure as Code services

The IaC market size is $800 million as of 2022 and is reported to be $2.3 billion by 2027.
Some of the well-known IaC services that are widely used today include.
✅ Terraform.
Supports multi-clouds such as AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.
It is easy to understand what resources are created and how they are created.

✅ AWS Cloudformation
This is an official IaC service from AWS and is only compatible with AWS.
You do not need to manage your AWS login information.

✅ Azure Resource Manager
This is an official IaC service from Azure and is only compatible with Azure.
Because it is official, you can use new Azure services immediately.

✅ Google Cloud Deployment Manager
This is an official IaC service from Google Cloud and supports only Google Cloud.

We encourage you to get started with IaC using the appropriate IaC services!

7. Citation/Reference

8. About the proprietary solution "PrismScaler"

✅ PrismScaler is a web service that enables multi-cloud infrastructure construction such as AWS, Azure, and GCP in just 3 steps, without requiring development and operation.
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✅ It is intended for a wide range of usage scenarios such as cloud infrastructure construction/cloud migration, cloud maintenance and operation, and cost optimization, and can easily realize more than several hundred high-quality general-purpose cloud infrastructures by appropriately combining IaaS and PaaS.


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10. Regarding Definer.

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